Hooble™ Revolutionizes The Job Seeking And Hiring Process With New Interactive Recruitment Application

March 1, 2016 – Darien, CT – Launching this spring, Hooble™ is announcing a modern-day approach to engaging great talent with great employers in the USA.  Hooble is reinventing the hiring process by introducing a first-of-its-kind website, which offers transparent communication, direct prospecting, accessible resources and marketing beyond the resume. Hooble is not another job board, rather a fully dynamic, interactive, user-friendly candidate board that employers will want to tap to find both active and passive talent.
Hooble originates from the need to fundamentally rethink a hiring practice that is considered to be technologically and conceptually dated. “Today’s hiring practices remain ‘upside down’ as job seekers compete for job openings with a resume and cover letter that is not nearly sufficient to differentiate themselves,” says Laurie Correll, Hooble Founder and creator.  Hooble has endeavored to “right-size” the hiring process by delivering a more practical technological solution that offers candidates a unique way to differentiate their skills and experience, create a personal brand and to market directly with potential employers.  For hiring companies, Hooble will be providing the capability to directly source potential employees, one to one, in a more engaging and transparent environment, while touting their company’s competitive advantage.
“Making the right connection in the world of recruitment is everything,” says Correll, “We are launching Hooble because candidates were at a distinct disadvantage for how to market their skills and experience directly to hiring parties and because companies do not have a singular and direct source of talent that wants to be discovered!”
Hooble is a “closed architecture” application with never-before-seen connection offerings.  Candidates simply log in to set up a great, thoughtful, compelling and confidential profile, making it their finest ad copy – a personal branding profile.  Personal branding profiles are complete with technical experience highlights, soft skill assessments, professional examples, video introductions and a marketing summary or “Shout-tOut”, which sets their brand apart from the competition. Because Hooble is a talent pool, candidates will develop their brand and let the “engagements” begin.
For employers, Hooble is the place to source both active and passive talent with access to not only connect, but also to advertise company job openings.  Employers will set up a great profile that will tout their competitive edge to the great talent that is seeking their brand.  Advertising job opportunities along side of the company’s finest offerings are a sure way to attract the discerning candidate in this tight job market.  Candidates are looking hard at tangible company benefits when making a career choice.
Hooble will be introducing a proprietary communication portal, “En-gauge™”, which allows both candidates and hiring parties to connect, communicate and transparently gain firsthand knowledge about hiring status, interest assessment, competitive landscape, “fit” perspective and various other engaging capabilities. This is the core of Hooble’s application and there is no other recruitment platform that offers this type of transparency!
Hooble is officially launching in May 2016. Candidates, employers and recruiters can sign up today at www.hooble.com to receive our e-alert launch notifications and be eligible to win a $100 Apple® gift card.
Hooble is a division of Hooble Holdings LLC, 30 Kings Highway South, Darien, CT; 1-844-GO-HOOBLE or visit the website at www.hooble.com.
Always be engaging!
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Hooble Announces New Headquarters

30 Old Kings Highway South, Darien, CT

February 15, 2016 – Darien is a quiet town in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Located on Connecticut’s “Gold Coast” of Long Island Sound, the town is situated between the cities of Norwalk and Stamford and was selected for its proximity to two Metro-North train stations, the I-95 corridor and the Merritt Parkway.  The office is located within walking distance to a quaint and “happening” village of locally-owned businesses and smaller-scale professional office buildings.  The charm of Darien was exactly what Hooble was looking for, while being close to New York City, Hartford, CT and Boston, MA.

All “On-Board” For The Big Launch

March 1, 2016 – Coming soon to a computer near you! That’s right, Hooble.com is excited to announce its launch this spring.  You ask, “What the heck is Hooble?”?  We get that question all the time!  Hooble is the next generation’s career recruitment platform that will break down typical hiring barriers that both employers and candidates experience today.  Candidates, get ready to launch a more productive job search.  Employers, get ready to launch a search for top talent.  Be engaging, start re-thinking your hiring efforts, tell your friends and get ready to launch along side of us.  Sign up today and we will keep you updated on our upcoming launch!  All On-Board!

Hooble’s Gone Social

March 1, 2016 – Hooble has joined LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!  Watch for our launch updates, communications, press events and interesting facts about Hooble.
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Hooble Announces Its Core Team of Engagers

March 1, 2016

Laurie Correll
Chief Engager

Hooble founder and creator Laurie Correll inherited her entrepreneurial DNA from her grandmother. At the age of seven, Laurie became a regular visitor to the real estate office her grandmother owned and was schooled first hand in Business 101.  By the age of eight, Laurie was convinced she was now in charge. Her grandmother let her think so, but Mr. McCarthy would not. After Laurie’s first piano lesson he respectfully returned the money to her mother, explaining that perhaps piano was not for Laurie who spent most of the lesson instructing him how piano lessons should be delivered.

Laurie carried her confident spirit throughout an exciting and successful career in the financial services industry where she excelled as a financial professional.  She held leadership positions in both world-class global organizations and small specialty niche companies, and was always privileged to have talented employees on her staff.

As a manager, Laurie experienced many of the common hiring challenges and was convinced there was a better way to find the “best-suited talent quickly and cost effectively.” She has seen many companies attempt to make the talent acquisition process more streamlined and cheaper, but they always came up short on delivering an engaging experience with the job seeker!  Big miss!

As a job seeker, Laurie experienced the same difficulties other applicants faced, especially in marketing themselves effectively in order to find the “right-fit” job.  In fact, her very first job interview with an accounting firm was game changing (even if she didn’t have “game” yet!). She did not receive a job offer; they told her she didn’t “fit the mold”.   Rather than be upset, she was proud that she didn’t “fit” in that mold!  And from there forward, she knew she wasn’t going to EVER fit in that mold.

These experiences and so many others along her career path stirred her entrepreneurial passion and compelled her to conceptualize a better way to connect great talent to great companies.

She is proud to introduce Hooble, where it’s all about having a competitive edge, touting a special brand, opening up communication… and being engaged!   GO HOOBLE!

Laurie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in both Accounting and Business Administration from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT and her Masters of Business Administration degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Hartford, CT.  Laurie passed the Connecticut Certified Public Accounting examinations and worked in the Hartford, CT area until the latter part her career, where she worked in NYC. Laurie has been employed by some of the finest insurance companies, including Aetna Property Casualty Company, Travelers Property Casualty Company, Alea Alternative Risk, AmTrust Financial Services, Aspen U.S. Holdings and QBE North America in various executive capacities, including divisional Chief Financial Officer for the past 20 years.  Laurie has been a Treasurer, Board of Trustee member, Committee Chair, volunteer and mentor for many professional and civic organizations including The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center and SCORE Association, to name a few.



Kelsey Olenych
Business Analyst Engager

A professional at heart, Kelsey is a graduate of James Madison University where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management in May 2015. Kelsey brought her keen sense of business to Hooble when she joined Hooble in October 2015. Her energy and commitment has allowed her to make significant contributions to the launch of the start-up entity, particularly in the areas of research, copy content and customer service. Kelsey’s takes great pride in her operational and administrative responsibilities, making sure that our customer’s experience is always supportive and engaging.



Mary Giuliano
Copy Engager

Writing is Mary’s passion. A Secondary Arts Educator, Federal Department of Education grant writer and administrator, Project Director for Hartford, CT Secondary School Reform and National Academy Foundation Director for the affiliated high school academies in Hartford, CT, Mary joined the Hooble team in Summer 2015. As Copy Editor, Mary is dedicated to making sure Hooble’s message and publications are communicated in an engaging style.



David Riss
Artful Engager

David Riss, principal of USAdAgency.com, brings to the table more than 30 years in the advertising and branding business. Mr. Riss left the midtown NYC division of Saatchi & Saatchi as Art Director in 1988 with Mastercard and Glaxo as his own clients (and a small bagel shop), developing the agency to include American Express, Reader’s Digest, Doosan Corp., and others as the agency’s clients. As Creative Director for Hooble, Mr. Riss’ lifelong talent at creating engaging messages and turning them into successful marketing strategies – across all channels – has once again been called into play.



Carolyn Karp
Press Engager

Carolyn Karp, CEO of Karp Ink Public Relations, has over 30 years of experience in media relations. She founded Karp Ink twenty years ago, implementing widespread public relations campaigns for a variety of industries and clients such as Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century-Fox. As Media Relations Director for Hooble, Carolyn will engage her passion at bringing exciting, vital and timely communications to the media.



Cynthia Cavoto
Social Engager

As Principal of Firebrand Social Media, Cynthia Cavoto’s mission is to make both marketing on the Internet, and social media marketing, practical and accessible to businesses. In fact, Ms Cavoto is a seasoned social media expert and she regularly speaks on utilizing Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to achieve business goals. As Social Media Director for Hooble, Cynthia handles all the planning and nuances of “utilizing all those channels out there to effective spread Hooble’s message.”