About Hooble

We Help Jobs Find People

Introducing a platform that connects candidates and employers in a unique yet logical approach.  Forget job boards, Hooble is a candidate board which features available talent who market their skills, qualifications, career experience and job fit to prospective employers. Candidates will like the ability to also highlight their soft skills, on-the-job illustrations, career accomplishments, industry engagement and employment preferences.  Employers will like the ability to discover and directly engage with great and available talent.

A Fresh Approach


Easy to Use

Presenting Talent

Transparently and Confidentially

Now candidates and employers can interact in an environment that offers both parties a more direct, meaningful and efficient way to make a deal.

Jobs Are About People

Showcasing Talent

We’ve shelved the old job search approach by giving employers a way to search for potential hires directly.


Focusing on a smaller number of competent candidates frees employers from the time and expense of sifting through a mountain of unqualified resumes. Focusing on building a great marketing profile frees candidates from chasing job leads.


Employers are able to search for particular skills and job experience requirements, allowing infinite opportunity for candidates to be sourced for more opportunities than what is offered on any job board. Candidates are able to present vastly more insight beyond the resume, allowing potential employers to discover the breadth and depth of their greatness.


People offering jobs have direct, confidential and transparent communication with people seeking jobs – isn’t that the way it should work?


Why fit the round peg in the square hole? Employers now have a direct line to available talent, shifting the hiring approach from job searching to talent seeking.  Brilliant!


Employers will select a new hire from a pool of applicants, the risk is that a better candidate is not in that pool.  Candidates will apply to positions posted on job boards, the risk is that there are more interesting opportunities not advertised.

Cost Effective

Our direct approach means employers and recruiters can spend less time and money searching and can now immediately identify and contact appropriate candidates.

Finally, A Better Way

What Hooble offers is just plain logical, offering candidates and employers a better way to find each other and start a conversation. Both parties can easily engage (or not!). Intuitive features make it simple to move the hiring process forward. Win, Win!

New Technology

Easy Interaction

Rich Talent Profile

Efficient Hiring

My Job Found Me
Now We’re Happy Together

“My candidate profile was the perfect branding platform. I was able to put myself out there with my best foot forward, showcasing experience that went beyond my training and job history to highlight accomplishments.  I feel this was a better way to give employers a real sense of what kind of person I am as an employee.”