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Hooble offers a better approach to matching people and positions. Our unique combination of features lets you showcase your unique set of talents. See how Hooble can change your career options by letting employers know more about why you are a good match for the job.

Unique Features for Candidates

Talent Board – More than the standard job board, Hooble is a site where you can register be discovered by potential employers.

Full Picture  РShowcase your professional experience AND your soft skills, job preferences, and capabilities.

Candidate Centered – Putting the emphasis on employers searching for candidates.

Confidential¬†– so you can say “I’m available” without risk.

Be Your Own Brand

Focus attention on the things that make you stand out as a job candidate with Hooble’s unique technology platform. Employers with job openings can locate candidates on Hooble using more than just the standard matching options. Your unique attributes that make you a more appealing candidate can be considered, because employers are able to see them.
Stand out from the crowd by offering potential employers a glimpse at the things that make you special. Let employers see the finer points of your brand. Make them more familiar with the things that other employment platforms leave out – the things people close to you appreciate and that make you a good match for the opening. Start your individual brand profile on Hooble today and see how a new approach to job search can help you get a better position.

Tell potential employers more about you and why you are a more suitable match for the job you seek and they can offer.

Expand Your Opportunities

Instead of having candidates perform role-based searches, Hooble showcases your unique collection of skills and opens the door to positions you might never find on traditional job search sites.

Putting the emphasis on employers searching for people, Hooble lets the right job find you, even if you never thought of that particular job title.

By offering you a platform that allows you to include non-traditional aspects of your profile, Hooble lets potential employers know more and helps them find you – the best match among many candidates with similar skills, education, and experience.

Stand Out And Be Matched To The Right Job For Your Unique Brand