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Why Jobs Should Search For Talent

There are some important questions to consider when choosing a method of finding employment or filling a job vacancy. We’re starting with the most obvious questions on the methods used until now, and adding questions about Hooble’s unique solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about how job search has worked until now – candidates search for jobs, and how things work when job openings seek talent.

What is Hooble?

Hooble is an interactive career recruitment platform with a new spin. For employers, it’s a talent board where they can directly source candidates for their job openings. For candidates, it’s a tool to develop a personal brand statement to market their great talent to employers & recruiters.

How is Hooble different from job boards?

Hooble, first and foremost is a Talent board. This is where candidates get DISCOVERED! We just made it easier for employers to find great talent! Just as jobs are posted to online job boards to be discovered, Hooble has created a Talent board that is the place for employers and recruiters to go to engage with great talent. Today, many hiring parties tap into job boards to “hunt and peck” for suitable candidates. It’s a quest, it’s time consuming and it’s antiquated. Hooble is the place to go where candidates are either in the job market or open to hearing about new opportunities. We call it DIRECT SOURCING! This type of sourcing opens up many opportunities for candidates that otherwise would not have been introduced.

We don’t believe the applicant submission process used today by many online job board sites is an effective way for candidates to find job opportunities, in fact, Hooble does not even ask you to upload a resume or cover letter! Hooble eliminates that “black hole” syndrome (applicants, you know what I’m talking about …the place your application goes!). Instead, Hooble allows candidates to create a unique personal branding profile that is key to marketing a BRAND new YOU!

Unlike job boards, Hooble is interactive and transparent. We take pride in presenting a proprietary dashboard that sits between the engaged candidate and the hiring party allowing for one on one interaction and open communication of facts about the competition, hiring status, next steps, rankings and feedback.

As you can tell from just those items, Hooble’s fundamental purpose is to connect great talent to great companies. Plain, simple and sensible.

Why do users need Hooble?

Two great reasons: Engagement and Productivity! Very simply, candidates and employers need a more sensible and direct way to connect AND communicate….or “engage”, as we call it. This makes for an improved, productive process for all parties.

Candidates want to get discovered and Employers want to find the best possible talent! Win Win!

Most importantly, the communication channels have been opened to allow for great engagement!

What are the benefits to candidates?
  • Candidates are now offered a personal branding tool that allows them to create a detailed vitae that includes not only work experience, but also soft skill assessments, on-the-job examples, accomplishments, affiliations and employment preferences.
  • Candidates can “engage” directly with job opportunities and know more immediately if there is interest with the employer.
  • Because Hooble is a talent pool, candidates can search less and focus more on developing their superior branding profile.
What are the benefits to employers?
  • Improved, direct candidate selection; employers or candidates can initiate the connection.

  • Employers will now have a single source talent pool where they can connect directly to active and passive contenders.

  • Searching for talent allows greater flexibility with “fit” features.

  • Talent will have expanded profiling to give employers better insight of their experience and skills, above and beyond a resume.

  • Employers can ‘tout’ their jobs and competitive edge in a market where candidates are commanding more workplace benefits & offerings from their employers.

  • Cost-effect, time-saver.

How will Hooble change the way recruiting is done in the US?

It will re-direct how talent is sourced and the way connections are made.

It will open up the communication during the recruitment process in order to be more productive.

It will focus on branding the candidate and marketing beyond the resume.

Is Hooble cost-effective?

Yes. Time is money. The time dedicated to screening applicant resume submissions is costly. Not all submissions are viable, there is no one place to compare the candidates who are viable, emails and calls to the candidates take time, and if there are no good applicants, the search effort by the employer or recruiter is again time consuming. Search efforts take the shape of combing social media sites and professional network platforms for candidate leads. Hooble offers direct connections right to the available talent pool.

What are the specific barriers or myths that Hooble is addressing?

Some common ones for candidates:

  • Candidates must apply for jobs, it’s the only way to be considered.
  • Job boards are the best way to find jobs.
  • Online job applications reach the intended employer.
  • Resumes and cover letters are the only way to get a foot in the door.
  • The hiring party’s limited communication and transparency are acceptable behaviors during the search and hire processes.
  •  Some common ones for Employers:
  • ‘Hunt and Peck’ is the right method to find good candidates (i.e. cold calling, networking, etc.)!
  • Employers don’t need to sell their company to a prospective candidates.
  • Employers see a good pool of candidates from online applications.
  • There’s no rush to get a job offer out.
Why Will Candidates and Hiring Parties like it?

Candidates will like Hooble because:

  • Hooble works to promote YOUR brand! It markets your brand identity to prospective employers who are looking for candidates with your experience and credentials. HOOBLE WORKS FOR YOU!
  • Eliminates the need to constantly search for jobs (although you still can!). Employers love to find great candidates, so prepare a great branding profile and see the quality engagements that come your way.
  • No need to have a registration on multiple sites and risk identity theft.
  • Hooble gives candidates a great personal branding profile tool. Think about it as a way to market YOU directly to a hiring party. It’s so very cool because resumes tend to be experience-based, lacking other great credentials and qualifications that exemplify the “fit” perspective. Hooble’s branding tool allows for a complete understanding of each unique candidate, giving each candidate a distinct edge when employers see the profile.
  • Candidates will be afforded better, expanded opportunities from the employers. This is because a candidate’s job search using the traditional position title keyword search is limiting. By allowing Employers to search for Candidates directly, the opportunities are endless.
  • It communicates that “I’m looking” or “I’m Interested” – the KEY to being DISCOVERED!
  • It’s One and Done! Once the profile is completed and published, that’s when the magic starts to happen! Employers can now discover your “awesomeness”!
  • No cyber editing; Candidates are sourced based on an employer’s search criteria ONLY.
  • The better the profile, the better the chance for candidates to be sourced.

Human Resource professionals will like it because:

  • It’s the central source where candidates register to be discovered; No more exhausting legwork to find suitable candidate choices.
  • The candidate’s profile is more than a resume, it’s a brand statement. It offers insight into a candidate’s work history, YES, but also their outside interests, skill assessments including real examples of those skills, reference info feedback, and most importantly, insight as to what the candidate is looking for with his/her job search.They can search many advanced
  • features to get a broad or narrow list of potential candidates.
  • They control their candidate searches; no cyber screening, no uncontrolled filtering.
  • They know what a candidate’s hiring progress is, in order to not lose a good resource.

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